Items I WANT but do not need…

Being in town for university on a daily basis is tough. Walking up Buchanan Street everyday, trying to resist every urge to go into every clothing shop and not to buy a single thing is very very difficult not just for me but for any 18 year old student. Recently, I have stopped myself from buying anything, and if you asked any one of my friends they would all say this is very hard task for me.

For this post today I am going to share the items I would love to buy right now! But, unfortunately I have to save my money.

  1. Urban Outfitters –

I am in love with this jacket. But it costs £59, so that is my problem.( link for it, is above) I was walking past the Urban Outfitters shop when I saw it in the window and wanted it straight away. I would say I already do have quite a variety of different jackets but this isn’t like any I’ve had before and would be nice for spring/summer.

Taken By Gillian Gunn


Taken by Gillian Gunn

2.  Zara

Of course Zara has to be on the list..

Taken by Gillian Gunn

The words on the picture says it all really. I really want this two piece outfit from Zara. If I remember correctly the top is £17.99 and the bottoms £25.99. I haven’t tried it on yet but I love the style and the pattern of the clothing. This is part of Zara’s most recent new collection.

3. GUESS – backpack

Don’t really have the money to be spending £45.50 on a bag. But I love this pink camouflage pattern. About a year ago I got a backpack from Accessorize that cost me £50 and I’ve used it once. I like this bag because it is different. It’s a good size and I actually like the style of it.

Taken from GUESS link above

4. Zoeva Brush kit


Taken from beautybay link above

This brush kit looks amazingg. I know quite a few people who already have it and they have recommended it to me. I love the rose gold on them and makes the brushes look very professional. However, I think I would feel a bit guilty if I spent over £100 on a make-up brush kit but I really want it. I also don’t think my mum would be too happy either. Hopefully in the next couple of months I’ll be able to get them.


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My Top 5 Shops!

1. Zara 

Zara is a Spanish clothes shop. It is the flagship brand of the Inditex group. I would say that Zara sells clothing of high quality but yet still very affordable. The style of clothing that is produced by Zara is very up to date. The clothing is also very unique and many other shops copy their style. Whenever I have the chance to go to Zara, I will. Most of my clothes will be from there. Recently I’ve bought a bag, many tops, jackets and more. In the past year I would now say Zara is the shop I would go to if I need anything.

2. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is known as an indie shop. However, recently more and more people are buying from here. They offer a range and a different variety of clothes compared to the high street. The prices in store are a bit more expensive than Zara but if you want unique items of clothing like vintage or like quirky pieces then this is the shop for you.

3. Bershka

I was in London when I discovered this store. It’s quite a new store and is more known of in England and in Europe. The store has more of a target market for younger people as its very trendy. It is also owned buy the Spanish brand Inditex. I loved this store when I went in and since being back from London I have bought clothes online from them.

4. Topshop

Mostly everyone shops in Topshop. I was amazed by the store in London (as I mentioned in my last post). However, I don’t really like shopping in Topshop in Glasgow. If I need new jeans then I will always get them from Topshop even though they are pricey, they will last you forever. If you need something for a night out most people shop from there. So, you might have some trouble wearing something different from everyone else.  The quality of there clothes are always amazing. I do own a lot of clothes from Topshop as I can trust them.

5. Stradivarius

Also in London I went into this shop and from the moment I walked in I already really liked it, as it was very different compared to any other shop. It was like Topshop, Urban Outfitters and Zara put together in one. I am annoyed that there isn’t a store in Glasgow but you can order online. Hopefully soon they will move up here as I’m sure they would do well.