When I was in London I had the chance to go to the Supreme store in Soho (2-3 Peter St, Soho, London W1F 0AA).

Supreme London Store taken by Gillian Gunn


A key thing that makes Supreme unique is their decision to make their distribution of clothing very exclusive. This makes the brand more desirable to people who want clothing that not many people have because the amount of clothing that is put on sale is limited. Supreme clothing isn’t on sale 24/7 instead have “drop days” and these batches of clothing sells out in seconds.

The brand also usually has exclusive collaborations with other famous large brands. For example, Nike, North Face, Vans, Thrasher, Playboy with and of course the collaboration that everyone is talking about Supreme x Louis Vuitton. These collaborations are ways of advertising brands by endorsing one another, so they open up a even wider customer base for multiple brands at once.

As you can see from the picture above you have to queue up into the shop. This emphasises how exclusive the brand is and they want to keep the excitement up and secrecy of the brand up. This idea continues as you are not allowed your phone or any cameras in the shop and you get told before you go in. Even just by observing the people who work and buying in the shop you can tell that this brand is unique to any other.
Supreme have used many large celebrities to advertise and model their clothes. For their 2012 spring/summer campaign they got famous model Kate Moss to model. This brought a large amount of attention  for the brand as such a huge supermodel would model for Supreme and appear on one of their t-shirts.

Taken from
Take from i-D Magazine

Many celebrities also wear Supreme which influences a lot of young people as they look up to their idols. For example, Kanye West and even… his daughter North West.