Unique shops/brands you should have a look at!

Nowadays there is a wide variety of clothing and different styles. New unique independent brands are becoming more popular instead of buying from the usual common high street shops. Below are some of my favourite independent labels which you should have a look at. Maybe change up your style and you might have items no one else has.

Minted – Glasgow

Taken by Gillian Gunn

If you’re in Glasgow then visit this store. If you like designer vintage sportswear or apparel then this is the shop for you. The shop has recently moved to 55 Parnie Street.

The shop sells lots of different designers like: Stone Island, Supreme, Adidas, Stüssy etc. The layout of the shops is very clean and basic but that’s what is so good about the shop. My friend about 3 years ago showed me this shop and I’ve gone back ever since. They usually post on their Instagram and Facebook showing what kind of clothes they have coming in or selling. The branded mens/womenswear they sell is always great quality and have reasonable prices for the clothes they sell. Recently, they’ve started selling there own merchandise. The other day I bought one of their t-shirts: only £28

Taken by Gillian Gunn

Go check out their:

  • Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/mintedshop/
  • Instagram – @mintedshop
  • Website- mintedshop.co.uk

MDMS by madmars

It was only the other day when I was looking through ASOS Marketplace and found this brand. A lot of my the brands I choose on this blog post will be from ASOS Marketplace.They make clothing based on street fashion. They sell uni sex clothing.

Images taken from madmars

The clothes are quite expensive but the quality and detail that go into them makes it worth the buy.


Sisterhood is a boutique that brand the company as Eco-friendly. The clothes are made for women to make them feel more independent and confident about themselves. “We are projectors of optimism, good vibes and female empowerment!” (taken from their page).


Images taken from Sisterhood website 

I really like this boutique as the clothing is similar to Bershka or Zara. The clothes are reasonably affordable and they do worldwide shipping so definitely go check out the website or there Instagram @sisterhoodthe .

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Items I WANT but do not need…

Being in town for university on a daily basis is tough. Walking up Buchanan Street everyday, trying to resist every urge to go into every clothing shop and not to buy a single thing is very very difficult not just for me but for any 18 year old student. Recently, I have stopped myself from buying anything, and if you asked any one of my friends they would all say this is very hard task for me.

For this post today I am going to share the items I would love to buy right now! But, unfortunately I have to save my money.

  1. Urban Outfitters –


I am in love with this jacket. But it costs £59, so that is my problem.( link for it, is above) I was walking past the Urban Outfitters shop when I saw it in the window and wanted it straight away. I would say I already do have quite a variety of different jackets but this isn’t like any I’ve had before and would be nice for spring/summer.

Taken By Gillian Gunn


Taken by Gillian Gunn

2.  Zara

Of course Zara has to be on the list..

Taken by Gillian Gunn

The words on the picture says it all really. I really want this two piece outfit from Zara. If I remember correctly the top is £17.99 and the bottoms £25.99. I haven’t tried it on yet but I love the style and the pattern of the clothing. This is part of Zara’s most recent new collection.

3. GUESS – backpack

Don’t really have the money to be spending £45.50 on a bag. But I love this pink camouflage pattern. About a year ago I got a backpack from Accessorize that cost me £50 and I’ve used it once. I like this bag because it is different. It’s a good size and I actually like the style of it.

Taken from GUESS link above

4. Zoeva Brush kit


Taken from beautybay link above

This brush kit looks amazingg. I know quite a few people who already have it and they have recommended it to me. I love the rose gold on them and makes the brushes look very professional. However, I think I would feel a bit guilty if I spent over £100 on a make-up brush kit but I really want it. I also don’t think my mum would be too happy either. Hopefully in the next couple of months I’ll be able to get them.


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My favourite items in my wardrobe

For this post I thought I would share my favourite clothing items from my wardrobe. I think I really started to get interested in fashion and trying out different styles was about a year ago. I became more aware online on social media of trends and looking at what celebrities wear. Personally, I think social media has a large influence on everyone on what we wear on a day to day basis. We all take advice and I guess in some way look up to others on social media and not always from celebrities. After looking through my wardrobe I would definitely say I have a few favourite pieces in my wardrobe that I would like to share… (not in order, I love them all):

1.  Zara – White Puffer Jacket 

I got this jacket a few months ago luckily in the Zara sale. It was roughly £30 I think, however I could only get it in a size Large. This doesn’t bother me personally as I like big jackets and I am able to wear big jumpers underneath. I love this jacket as I can wear it for nights out aswell because it’s quite fancy rather than other jacket that I will mention below.

2. Zara – Camouflage Jacket

This jacket is honestly amazing, I bought this as I really needed a jacket with a good because going to university when it’s raining and you have to walk up a hill.. you NEED a hood! This item also goes with like every outfit I wear and it very comfy. I unfortunately didn’t get this in the sale and saw it in the sale a few weeks later. It was £50.


This top was a very lucky buy for me. I was inspired by Kylie Jenners post on Instagram of her wearing her GUESS A$AP ROCKY original top:

Taken from https://wheretoget.it/link/3510170 and Kylie Jenners Instagram @kyliejenner

This is probably one of my favourite pictures of Kylie and I fell in love with her too. So, I went to the GUESS website and went onto the Sale tab at the side of the website, whilst scrolling down I found this top on sale for £14.50. I didn’t even realise until it came it was a A$AP ROCKY Original! I love the high collar and the quality of the t-shirt is amazing.

4. AllSaints – Material Jacket (denim jacket style)

When I was in London in Selfridges I straight away went to the All Saints department in the women’s clothing floor. I was very happy to make this purchase. It was £65 in the sale used to be £98. I had been looking for a jacket that wasn’t too big to carry about for nights out and this was the one for me. The style of the jacket is very pleasing and in a way looks like the All Saints famous denim jacket they sell but only different is that it is material instead.

5. Joggers 

You won’t usually see me wearing jeans and if I am it’s for a night out or I’m just being lazy and can’t be bother to put together a outfit. I love comfy joggers.

  • The first top left image are pink joggies that I found in Tesco. I never shop in Tesco unless it is for food. However, I was in with my mum and fell in love with how comfortable and cosy they are and I love the colour. Even better.. they were only £10.
  • The top right image were from Zara. Of course. I got these in the sale for £9.99 and luckily in my size aswell. These are quite risky as they can get dirty really easily.
  • Bottom left are also from Zara. I would say these are more baggy that any of the others but I love the colour khaki and love the pockets aswell. They were £15 bit more expensive.
  • Last but not least, bottom right. These are from New Look, they aren’t as tight as the rest at the bottom of the joggers but they fit perfectly at the waist. I love the 3 stripe colour on the side and you can put any black, white or red top with it.

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Style that’s making a come back..

Recently I’ve noticed a lot of different styles from the past making a come back on the high street shops today. Vintage clothing is becoming more popular, which I’m very excited about.

The Choker

Many celebrities have started up this trend again as it used to be a thing in the 90’s. I remember when my older sister used to wear them and now they’re back. People used to wear them with smiley faces or a cross on them but now everyone is using them to complete there outfit. There were many different type of chokers: velvet, spiked, lace, plastic etc. Many 90s movies supported this trend and made it fashionable for example clueless.

Taken from Clueless movie http://fashiongrunge.com/2012/12/13/throwback-thursday-90s-choker-necklaces/
Taken from Clueless movie http://fashiongrunge.com/2012/12/13/throwback-thursday-90s-choker-necklaces/
Taken from http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/news/fashion-news/celebrities-wearing-chokers-spring-2016-kendall-jenner-rosie-huntington-whiteley-and-more-13000



I love this trend, I’m so happy that lots of people have taken on this style instead of wearing Topshop Joni skin tight jeans all the time. First of all, they are way more comfortable compared to jeans, as the material isn’t denim. I recently bought a jumpsuit that has culotte type bottoms and it’s great if you are lazy like me or are rushed in the morning and can’t find a full outfit to put on it’s all in one !!!

This is the jumpsuit that I recently bought and would recommend from Boohoo: http://www.boohoo.com/new-to-clearance/ella-ribbed-culotte-high-neck-self-belt-jumpsuit/invt/dzz75525 only £12 !!!!

Taken from Boohoo.com