My favourite items in my wardrobe

For this post I thought I would share my favourite clothing items from my wardrobe. I think I really started to get interested in fashion and trying out different styles was about a year ago. I became more aware online on social media of trends and looking at what celebrities wear. Personally, I think social media has a large influence on everyone on what we wear on a day to day basis. We all take advice and I guess in some way look up to others on social media and not always from celebrities. After looking through my wardrobe I would definitely say I have a few favourite pieces in my wardrobe that I would like to share… (not in order, I love them all):

1.  Zara – White Puffer Jacket 

I got this jacket a few months ago luckily in the Zara sale. It was roughly £30 I think, however I could only get it in a size Large. This doesn’t bother me personally as I like big jackets and I am able to wear big jumpers underneath. I love this jacket as I can wear it for nights out aswell because it’s quite fancy rather than other jacket that I will mention below.

2. Zara – Camouflage Jacket

This jacket is honestly amazing, I bought this as I really needed a jacket with a good because going to university when it’s raining and you have to walk up a hill.. you NEED a hood! This item also goes with like every outfit I wear and it very comfy. I unfortunately didn’t get this in the sale and saw it in the sale a few weeks later. It was £50.


This top was a very lucky buy for me. I was inspired by Kylie Jenners post on Instagram of her wearing her GUESS A$AP ROCKY original top:

Taken from and Kylie Jenners Instagram @kyliejenner

This is probably one of my favourite pictures of Kylie and I fell in love with her too. So, I went to the GUESS website and went onto the Sale tab at the side of the website, whilst scrolling down I found this top on sale for £14.50. I didn’t even realise until it came it was a A$AP ROCKY Original! I love the high collar and the quality of the t-shirt is amazing.

4. AllSaints – Material Jacket (denim jacket style)

When I was in London in Selfridges I straight away went to the All Saints department in the women’s clothing floor. I was very happy to make this purchase. It was £65 in the sale used to be £98. I had been looking for a jacket that wasn’t too big to carry about for nights out and this was the one for me. The style of the jacket is very pleasing and in a way looks like the All Saints famous denim jacket they sell but only different is that it is material instead.

5. Joggers 

You won’t usually see me wearing jeans and if I am it’s for a night out or I’m just being lazy and can’t be bother to put together a outfit. I love comfy joggers.

  • The first top left image are pink joggies that I found in Tesco. I never shop in Tesco unless it is for food. However, I was in with my mum and fell in love with how comfortable and cosy they are and I love the colour. Even better.. they were only £10.
  • The top right image were from Zara. Of course. I got these in the sale for £9.99 and luckily in my size aswell. These are quite risky as they can get dirty really easily.
  • Bottom left are also from Zara. I would say these are more baggy that any of the others but I love the colour khaki and love the pockets aswell. They were £15 bit more expensive.
  • Last but not least, bottom right. These are from New Look, they aren’t as tight as the rest at the bottom of the joggers but they fit perfectly at the waist. I love the 3 stripe colour on the side and you can put any black, white or red top with it.

I hope you enjoy reading this, and learn a little bit more about my style and what I wear on a daily basis. Please have a look at my Instagram @socialmodaa !!! Like, comment or follow!