Style that’s making a come back..

Recently I’ve noticed a lot of different styles from the past making a come back on the high street shops today. Vintage clothing is becoming more popular, which I’m very excited about.

The Choker

Many celebrities have started up this trend again as it used to be a thing in the 90’s. I remember when my older sister used to wear them and now they’re back. People used to wear them with smiley faces or a cross on them but now everyone is using them to complete there outfit. There were many different type of chokers: velvet, spiked, lace, plastic etc. Many 90s movies supported this trend and made it fashionable for example clueless.

Taken from Clueless movie
Taken from Clueless movie
Taken from



I love this trend, I’m so happy that lots of people have taken on this style instead of wearing Topshop Joni skin tight jeans all the time. First of all, they are way more comfortable compared to jeans, as the material isn’t denim. I recently bought a jumpsuit that has culotte type bottoms and it’s great if you are lazy like me or are rushed in the morning and can’t find a full outfit to put on it’s all in one !!!

This is the jumpsuit that I recently bought and would recommend from Boohoo: only £12 !!!!

Taken from



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